About Photography BySytske

Sytske Kamstra has worked in different roles in the international music and comedy industry for over 8 years. With photography as a passion and a clear understanding of the importance of PR and marketing for Artistes and Promoters she took up the challenge to shoot the perfect picture under the most difficult circumstances for the shows she was working on in a production capacity.

Now 5 years later, armed with the necessary experience, education and equipment photography has become an important part of her life. Especially for LIVE shoots Sytske strives to make herself invisible, not to disturb the balance between Artiste and audience. The perfect shot can only be created by the right timing, going along with the rythm of the show, not only looking through the lens, but by listening and anticipating to what is coming next.

Working mainly in the UK and the Netherlands, please feel free to enquire about the possibilities. For more information check www.BySytske.com